REI achieves the PEFC Chain of Custody Certification


REUNION INDUSTRIAL S.L.U. (REI) has been awarded the PEFC Chain of Custody Certification for Forestry Products, which certifies that the firm from the Eastern provinces of Spain offers its clients and the end users of its products a guarantee of sustainable origin in all its manufactured goods and raw forestry materials.

BUREAU VERITAS is the organisation responsible for evaluating and controlling the certification process, and which publicly states that: "REUNION INDUSTRIAL S.L.U. is equipped with a Chain of Custody Control System for forestry products used in the manufacture and marketing of coat racks, handles, knobs, and other hardware goods."

This prestigious company has won the Licence to use the PEFC Certification and is registered under number PEFC/14-35-00369.

PEFC certification allows REI to offer an added value across its products, standing out in the market with a distinguished environmentally responsible attitude. "PEFC certified products attract more socially and environmentally aware buyers each year -says José Manuel González San Segundo, General Manager at this firm from Valencia. The PEFC logo sends out a clear message to society that the wood incorporated into many of our products comes from sustainably managed forests.”

With the PEFC Chain of Custody Certification, REUNION INDUSTRIAL takes a significant step forward in its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.


Reunión Industrial

 Reunión Industrial is a benchmark in the European market for fittings and accessories for furniture and decoration, both in the furniture and kitchen equipment industry sector and in the medium and large DIY distribution sectors.

REI continuously develops its six main sales areas: Furniture Handles, Home Organisation, Hangers and Racks, Furniture and Table legs, Door-stops, and Small Accessories for Furniture and Decoration.

Reunión Industrial was founded in 1986 and was soon known in the Spanish ironwork market for its own brand, REI.

In 1996, the firm from Valencia started its export activity across the globe, and, by 2006 -only 10 years later- its distributors were present in more than 45 different countries in Europe, America, and Oceania.




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