Company Vision and Mission

Our vision
REI's vision is to be the leading European company of fittings and complements for Furniture and Decoration, for the industry of Furniture & Kitchen equipments as well as for the medium and large Do-it-Yourself retail distribution chains troughout Europe.

Our Mission
To achieve our vision, we work in the continuous development of our 6 main product fields: furniture Handles & Knobs, Home Shelving Solutions, Hooks & Hook-racks, Table & Furniture Legs, Door Stoppers, and Small Accesories for Furniture & Decoration.
Our Mission is based in the Design, Production, Distribution and Marketing of our solutions in these 6 product areas throuhout the world, directly to our Customers or through our Partners and Sales Net, generating value for REI's shareholders and reinvesting the major part of the profit into the expansion of our business project.

Our Values
These are the Values of our compromise with our Customers:

Continuous innovation of our products in all market segments, and searching for new market needs which we can satisfy and get our Vision strengthened.

REI's good Competitiveness, as well as its distributors, partners and customers', through a continuous improvement of our products and services, and the constant improvement of our production costs.

All through Teamwork, and through the good Communication, Flexibility, and the Adaptability to Change which is imposed by the modern market.

And all settled on Honesty at work, on the Respect for the People which make this project possible everyday, on their Self-improvement, and on the Humility of our achievements.